best cellulite treatment in Kansas City

How to treat cellulite


What is Cellulite?

The primary cause of cellulite is related to the tight fibrous bands that pull at the undersurface of the skin.

We treat these bands using the Cellfina platform, which is now the gold standard in the removal of moderate to severe cellulite. This platform precisely targets and releases the fibrous cords that cause the skin dimples.  Results can last up to 5 years and satisfaction rates for Cellfina are above 90%. When it comes to offering the best cellulite treatment in Kansas City, Cellfina plays an important part.


The Cellulite Physicians Approach

Depending on the severity of your cellulite, we have designed treatment plans that offer both Cellfina and AWT as stand-alone options or in conjunction with each other to maximize treatment results. Together, AWT and Cellfina can enhance results by eliminating cellulite dimples, firming the skin laxity associated with cellulite, as well as reduce fat cells under the skin. AWT also restores healthy circulation to the tissues.

Our general treatment involves a single 45-minute Cellfina treatment and a follow-up evaluation six to eight weeks later to begin AWT. AWT sessions take about 45 minutes and are given twice per week. Each session is separated by at least 48 hours. The number of AWT sessions will vary depending on the degree of sagging skin and laxity. Results are excellent and can last up to 12 months.

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