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The Cellulite Physician Services Process

As the premier cellulite specialists in Kansas City, we created a process that puts your comfort, privacy, and results first.

One of the major hallmarks of our clinic is the private and exclusive consultation experience we provide to each and every client. Many clinics and med spas are incapable of providing this level of exclusivity and discreetness given their need to see a large volume of patients to cover overwhelming overhead. With our intimate environment, we can offer a level of customized service and ample consultation time that allows our clients to walk away with a sense of reassurance and confidence.

Preparing for Your Consultation

As the premier cellulite specialists in Kansas City, recreated a process that puts your comfort, privacy, and results first.


Make sure you allow 90 minutes out of your day to complete the consultation.


Prior to your consultation, provide your preferences for your music genre, room temperature settings, aroma preferences, and beverage choices.


Wear a thong undergarment for your pre-treatment evaluation and photos.


Prepare a list of questions related to causes of cellulite, treatment options, side effects, treatment cost, payment options and the like.


Remember not to arrive more than 10 minutes prior to your consultation to respect the privacy of other clients.


Clients arriving more than 15 minutes past the scheduled appointment time must reschedule the appointment with the clinical coordinator. This will ensure that we preserve our policy of discreetness and privacy for other scheduled clients.

Our Consultation Process

Built into our clinical model is the commitment to ensuring that all clients receive an exceptional experience in an intimate and discreet environment. Here’s a look at what you can expect when you meet with our cellulite specialists in Kansas City for your consultation.

Step 1

Pre-Consultation Call

As cellulite specialists in Kansas City, an important part of our consultation process actually begins pre-consultation.

The pre-consultation call includes gathering pertinent contact information, answering questions, and learning about your preferences with: music genres, aroma preference, room temperature settings, and beverage choices.

Step 2

Arrive for Your Consultation

Once you arrive, our clinical coordinator will greet you at the front receptionist area and escort you to a cozy, more intimate waiting sectional to relax. A warm towel and hand sanitizer is provided before serving you a beverage from your preference list. Next, you’ll complete your health questionnaire.

You can also complete the health questionnaire on our secure online portal prior to your consultation. After completing the brief health intake form, our clinical coordinator will escort you to a stylish exam room to review the intake questions with you.

Step 3

Meet with Dr. Mitchell

You will then visit with Dr. Mitchell who will review your history, answer questions, and educate you on the causes of cellulite.

Once you have received answers to all your clinical questions, you’ll head to a private dressing area, remove your lower garments (except for your thong) and put on a comfy spa robe.

Step 4

Cellulite Examination

Dr. Mitchell and his clinical coordinator will efficiently examine the areas of cellulite and acquire pre-treatment photos. Dr. Mitchell will then review your images  and discuss your stage of cellulite.

Dr. Mitchell will also discuss your tailored treatment plan, along with expectations, pre- and post-treatment instructions, and potential side effects.

Step 5

Treatment Planning and Payment

After reviewing and signing consent forms with Dr. Mitchell, he will also review the pricing structure and available financing options.

Our clinical coordinator will provide you with copies of your consent form, pre-treatment instructions, and staff contact information. You will then be provided an opportunity to pay for your treatments.

Step 6


Once your payment is processed we will schedule your treatment dates and times.

Dr. Mitchell and our clinical coordinator will escort you to the front receptionist area and share their appreciation for choosing Cellulite Physician Services to assist you with your cellulite solution journey.

After Your Treatment

As cellulite specialists in Kansas City, it is important that our clients have a clear understanding of some general post-treatment expectations:

Post-treatment discomfort is generally not expected but can occur and will typically last only a few short days. We recommend Tylenol for any discomfort associated with treatments.

With Acoustic Wave Therapy, clients are generally able to resume their normal activities either the same day or a very short timeframe post-treatment.

Cellfina treatments are associated with leakage from the tissue release sites for up to 24 hours. Sterile gauze bandages are applied following the treatment and secured in place with surgical tape. Clients are able to remove sterile gauze and shower 24 hours following the procedure.

Some patients experience minor redness and bruising with Acoustic Wave Therapy. This is generally mild and resolves spontaneously in a few days.

Bruising from Cellfina is anticipated and may last up to 4 weeks.

Compression Garments (eg, bike shorts, shapewear) should be worn as often as possible following for the first 2 weeks after your Cellfina treatment.

Palpable areas of firmness or softness are expected following your Cellfina treatment. These areas are desirable for correcting the depressions that previously existed. Clients can perform a light massage with fingertips a few minutes a day to help with resolution.

Following Cellfina, light physical activity is allowed in the first 30 days; avoid extreme physical fitness during this timeframe.

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