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Losing Weight But Your Cellulite Won’t Go Away? Here’s Why

Cellulite Treatment / October 14, 2020

Few women do not know the burden of having cellulite, at least at one point in their life. While men can get it, women are much more prone. The reason is the distribution of fat, connective tissue, and muscle in their bodies. Not everyone gets cellulite, but a vast majority of women do and will. 

Will cellulite go away if you lose weight? This question has plagued many women for years. If you’ve been struggling to get the cellulite on your body to budge, you’re not alone. Let’s delve into what it is and why, despite individual efforts, it remains visible. 

What Is Cellulite?

You’re most likely familiar with the dimpled, orange-peel look it has. This effect happens when the skin covering a particular area of fat gets pulled down by deeper connective tissue bands. Collagen fibers that lie between muscle and skin disperse underlying fat into various pockets. 

The most common places people find cellulite are:

  • Thighs
  • Buttocks
  • Hips
  • Stomach
  • Breasts

What Are the Causes?

Cellulite results from fat build-up under the skin where fibrous connective tissue shrinks, resulting in a dimpled appearance. There isn’t necessarily a known direct cause; however, some key factors and contributors include:

  • Hormones
  • Genetics
  • Poor Diet
  • Lack of exercise
  • Smoking
  • Body fat percentage
  • Pregnancy
  • Aging

Some people are inherently predisposed, and the thickness of a person’s skin can also be a reason why it’s more visible. 

Some professionals also believe that varying hormone levels can cause the blood vessels in our fat to leak slightly. This fat leakage results in the formation of more fibers in the fat.

Will Cellulite Go Away If You Lose Weight?

You’ve probably heard that various lifestyle changes such as detoxes, weight loss, exercise, and applying special creams will banish your cellulite in no time. 


Treatment can be incredibly difficult because no one can change the body’s structure of fat and tissues. As cellulite is mainly due to hormonal factors, this is also something that you cannot alter through weight loss. 

While certain creams and vitamins can temporarily plump up your skin, there is no real remedy for thickening the body’s skin, which could be a leading factor. 

Can Cellulite Go Away With Exercise?

Similarly to losing weight as a solution, exercise can help reduce the appearance. Weight loss and exercise will predominantly shrink fat cells but not get rid of it entirely. 

Are There Any Ways To Treat It?

Although cellulite is natural, standard, and harmless, it can be a significant source of self-consciousness for some. If you are particularly unhappy with the bumpy-looking skin on your body, some treatments can help drastically reduce it. 

Due to technological breakthroughs, there are a handful of treatments that help minimize cellulite. These treatments include laser and radiofrequency and acoustic wave therapy. 

It’s worth noting that not everyone gets results from these treatments. However, they are arguably more effective than other methods. Although lifestyle changes won’t get rid of your cellulite, they can help reduce it.

The Takeaway

While you can’t change your body’s fat cells, you can reduce those bumps’ appearance. If you’re feeling down about your cellulite, know there are options out there for you!